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Manual based paper forms are expensive and difficult to distribute, manage, and file. Integrated content management solutions should provide a solutions for the automation of these processes. The FileBound integrated e-forms module provides the automation you need.

FileBound allows you to build a library of e-forms that automate the creation, distribution, and filing of transactional forms. these templates can be configured as Word, HTML, or XML documents. To create a form within the system, data from the FileBound database or from external data sources can be merged into the form. The created forms can be routed down a work-flow for completion or printed. The printed forms include a unique document ID barcode generated by the system and place on the form. This allows completed forms to be tracked and auto-scanned into the system by reading the barcode. FileBound also has the ability to integrate with existing forms creation applications. These forms are passed through FileBound prior to printing which places the ID barcode on the form. for auto scan-input into the system.

JMA Enterprises, LLC has the capabilities to create all forms needed by our clients, whether they are Word, HTML, or XML documents.

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