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The FileBound Difference

Unlimited User Licensing

With FileBound, everyone who needs access to your document management solution gets it. File Bound provides this unique model so organizations can make adoption decisions according to the value users, departments or functional areas derive from the solution without user licensing constraints.

Hosted, On-Site or Appliance

FileBound is the right solution delivered the way you need it. FileBound offers the broadest delivery options available. Everyone needs document management and with FileBound, you can choose to adopt it as a hosted solution using the FileBound On-Demand service. Or, implement it as a simple network appliance with FileBound Express. Or, license the solution and install FileBound on your IT infrastructure.

Integrated Electronic Forms

FileBound streamlines your business processes. Filebound offers unique electronic forms capabilities to extend the value of the solution beyound your organization. With FileBound, configure forms for access by customers, vendors, or website visitors to share or request information, submit applications or place orders. These forms and data become an on-ramp to automatic management, routing and processing.

Configurable Workflow

FileBound provides process control, reporting capabilities, scalability, and more importantly, cost-savings. Most business processes are labor intensive and prone to human error. With FileBound that all changes. Using FileBound workflow you can configure your processing rules one time and the solution applies them consistently, every time a new item enters the process.

Unlimited Customization Options

FileBound can be deployed right out of the box or customized to meet specific needs. FileBound is designed to become an integrated piece of your operational system. Built on our very own .NET object model, FileBound offers a customized user experience to meet your needs, including custom user interfaces, web portals, add-on functionality, one-click access or data sharing between FileBound and core systems.

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